The 35 SPC (SWAT Patrol Craft) is a versatile platform designed to get your crew to their objective quickly and return them home safely in the most challenging sea conditions. High-speed maneuverability, a shallow draft, and optional ballistic protection support a variety of riverine and coastal missions including Search and Rescue (SAR), Special Forces Operations, Coastal Patrol and Pursuit, Force Insertion/Extraction, and other Operations in Littoral Waters.

Hull Design

The 35 SPC’s deep-vee hull provides predictable handling and control in rough seas. A moderate beam-to-length ratio makes for superb seakeeping and enhanced crew comfort and safety offshore at high speed. Quick planing characteristics and low bow rise provide excellent visibility from the helm. Forward lifting strakes and wide chine surfaces deflect spray for improved visibility from the helm, while reducing frictional drag and increasing stability at high speed.


The 35 SPC’s twin diesel-powered waterjets provide excellent shallow water and evasive maneuvering capability and enhanced swimmer safety. Diesel-powered surface-piercing Arneson drives and triple-outboard power are also available for very high-speed operation. Joystick control systems provide precision control when maneuvering in restricted quarters.


The 35 SPC’s enclosed pilothouse is situated amidships, providing enhanced crew protection and comfort: climate control is available. Large bonded glass windows provide good visibility and situational awareness from the helm, and enclosed seating is provided for two crew and ten passengers. Direct access is provided both to the open bow and to the mission-configurable aft working deck with side openings aft providing for rapid embark, debark and alongside boarding. Working decks are clear of obstructions with antennas, sensors and electronics mounted out of the way atop the deckhouse.

35SPC Specifications

LOA:  35′ 2″ (10.7 m)
BEAM:  8′ 11″ (2.71 m)
DEADRISE:  25 degrees
WEIGHT (lightship):  3,150 lbs (5.9 mt)
DRAFT:  2′ 6″ (0.76 m)
MAX HP:  1,000 hp
FUEL CAPACITY:  250 gal (946 L)
TOP SPEED:  40+ kts
RANGE (full load):  250 nm