TD offers its customers tailored, in-country service and maintenance programs, including All Inclusive Annual Maintenance Contracts (AIAMC) in one- to ten-year increments. AIAMC programs ensure that the vessels are maintained in a seaworthy and fully mission ready posture. We also offer less comprehensive, service-only contracts on an annual or multi-year basis.

During repair and maintenance periods, we make every effort to minimize down-time for the vessels. To carry out the repairs and maintenance work in-country, TD employs local maintenance managers, technicians and established OEM-authorized distributors and service agencies.

TD typically enters into a Memoranda of Understanding (MoU) with OEM-authorized distributors in-country for the AIAMC program. Additional in-country support is provided through TD’s MoUs with well-established, regional contractors and shipyards.

Contract services include:

  • Routine TD-recommended preventive-maintenance service of craft, equipment and installed accessories;
  • Periodic maintenance of the vessel’s systems, components and accessories as recommended by their suppliers and manufacturers;
  • Maintenance and servicing of main propulsion systems and components as recommended by the supplier and manufacturer;
  • Initial inventory supply and ongoing replacement of spare parts and consumables;
  • Overhaul and major repair of main engines and auxiliary power systems on specific intervals as required by OEM;
  • Bottom cleaning, preparation and painting at recommended intervals;
  • Routine replacement of anodes and other corrosion treatment at regular intervals;
  • Repair and maintenance of propulsion systems including water jets, surface drives, outboard and sterndrive lower units, and conventional shaft drives.