Tampa Defense understands that the acceptance, commissioning and introduction of a new craft can be challenging for the end user. To help facilitate this process, Tampa Defense supports its customers with specialized boat crew training so they can operate the vessels safely and professionally. Training is custom designed and tailored to each craft. It focuses on basic craft familiarization, operational safety, operation of electrical/mechanical systems, and underway training including boat handling and craft casualty.

The training staff conducts initial operator training in a classroom setting using operator and student training guides that are supplemented by corresponding PowerPoint lessons. The instruction is given in a simple step-by-step process that allows students to take notes, ask questions and become familiar with the craft.

Classroom training is followed by extensive onboard training dockside. Here students are given instruction on operating the various systems aboard the craft, ultimately bringing the craft from a cold plant status to being ready to get underway. The final phase is underway training which includes docking drills, anchoring procedures, helmsman training and low- and high-speed maneuvering.

Whether you have novice or expert maritime operators, Tampa Defense will deliver focused and proven professional training. Your crew will be well trained and highly confident in their ability to perform their duties and succeed in achieving critical mission requirements.